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JEFF BACON (West Michigan Guide) - Here are some thoughts on your products.


Hooks - Everyone like them, regardless of fly or bite. The straight eye is great for the optimal hook set itself. Those who fished spawn on them (I did as well) we really had a good pull out and the few times it did, we certainly weren't babying the fish and more than likely just horsed them too much.


When we "bottom bounced/chuck-n-duck" with fly gear, it's common to snag on the river bottom and we can/do lose many flies. In the process, some hooks will bend out, while other time line just breaks. I did not have many hooks bend out, even on #8 line. That's REAL GOOD. Other common hooks in the fly - fishing world bend out on the same line. Also, once a hook is bend out, the point is most often compromised and this was NOT the case with Blackbird brand.


Floats - Having fished as many different floats as possible over the MANY winters that we do use them, I've found differences and the phantom floats don't easily crack, hold up considerable weight, are effortless to "work in the water" and in general, are quiet durable.


I have nearly convinced a few hard-core spawn fisherman to switch to a large Phantom vs their present float. Having fished aide by side with a number of them while using my Phantom and the same weight and size spawn bag, they are now convinced of the advantage... OUSTANDING ON SOFT TAKES!


Terminal Tackle - I have used the small swivels and with nothing but good feedback on them.


Jeff Bacon

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