What our friends have to say about our products. Testing them on the field in different situations.

JEFF BACON (West Michigan Guide) - Here are some thoughts on your products.

Hooks - Everyone like them, regardless of fly or bite. The straight eye is great for the optimal hook set itself. Those who fished spawn on them (I did as well) we really had a good pull out and the few times it did, we certainly weren't babying the fish and more than likely just horsed them too much.

When we "bottom bounced/chuck-n-duck" with fly gear, it's common to snag on the river bottom and we can/do lose many flies. In the process, some hooks will bend out, while other time line just breaks. I did not have many hooks bend out, even on #8 line. That's REAL GOOD. Other common hooks in the fly - fishing world bend out on the same line. Also, once a hook is bend out, the point is most often compromised and this was NOT the case with Blackbird brand.

Floats - Having fished as many different floats as possible over the MANY winters that we do use them, I've found differences and the phantom floats don't easily crack, hold up considerable weight, are effortless to "work in the water" and in general, are quiet durable.

I have nearly convinced a few hard-core spawn fisherman to switch to a large Phantom vs their present float. Having fished aide by side with a number of them while using my Phantom and the same weight and size spawn bag, they are now convinced of the advantage... OUSTANDING ON SOFT TAKES!

Terminal Tackle - I have used the small swivels and with nothing but good feedback on them.

Jeff Bacon

Great products they have everything in the world for Steelhead, of course everything catches Browns and whatever else you have in your area. Caught Kings as well as Coho on the same products. Fantastic customer service as well.

Tom Biga

Great products by an awesome company. Sabretooth hooks are unequaled!

Lance Sokero

I have used Redwing products for 25yrs. and have been a part of the team that long also .A great company to work for. All ways coming out with new Trout products that out catches the competition every time. Love the new line of Phantom Baits.

Dave Lawson

You don't get any better than these guys.
Amazing product!!!

Scott Homes

Best trout / crappie / perch soft plastics , hooks , roe tying material in the market . I've used these products for years and credit a lot of my success to redwing tackle . Paul rich is and incredible angler and ambassador to deal with or meet and talk to about product from Redwing Tackle .

Steve Delyea

Top quality stuff and made local! Hooks are amazing and the fluorocarbon lead is top notch wouldn't think of using anything else!!!! Helped me put some serious fish to the bank!!!!!

Brandon Mcquaid

Their hooks float and spawn wrap are the best I have ever used. Very excellent people to work with they got my 5 star.

Steve Shaw

After what I heard and see from Andrew really liked what I've seen. Good tackle good company!

Michael Anwaya

Redwing Tackle have the best floats on the market!

Lindsey Anne

best manufacturer of fishing tackle in Canada

Matthew Hand

Owner was amazing. Highly recommended.

Jeff Espineli

The best tackle supplier in Canada !!

Richard Weatherill

Use their products all the time

Luke Nash

Great products!

Nicole G

Blackbird Sabretooth Premium Hooks

great hooks

These, in varying sizes, are great for tying eggs, streamers, and intruder style flies.


Great hooks for salmon

Have been using these for a number of years on the Salmon River tributary of Lake Ontario. Fish run big there 26-30lbs. I use these hooks in a #2 size and have never had one straighten out on me.


Tie Flies

little flies is the best to tie

John Keesee

Maybe the best steelhead hook out there

These hooks fly under the radar to many float fisherman. Truth is they are one of the absolute best hooks out there for steelhead, lake-run browns, and even kings. I only wish they came in 100 packs as well. Never failed me.


Fantastic hooks!

This is my go to hook period! They are extremely sharp, well made andIi loose very few fish whether it be Blue Gill or Steelhead they are the best in my opinion.

D. Hite

Great for large fish

Love the gap, strength of wire, and diameter of the wire. I tie a lot of flies with them. They rip lips!


Sharp and Strong

I am float fishing river Carp in fairly shallow pools , here in central Texas; Center pinning and spinning on 8# line and 11 ft rods. The Blackbird Sabretooth is my hook of Choice. Size 6 and 8..Fish to 15 plus pounds. Great hook. very strong and a confidence builder. If the floats goes, the fish is hooked !


Best stealhead hook made!

These hooks are the strongest hooks I've ever used, they will break in half before they bend!

The show

BEST hooks

simply the best hooks for trout fishing even compare to gamagatsu & owner


A great hook

A great hook. I usually use size 10 and 12


Great Hooks

I have used a lot of different hooks for steelhead over the years and I can honestly say that I love these hooks like no other. Quite simply, they work...they are very sharp and hold fish much better than many other brands. I would highly recommend them.


The best hooks made!

comes in all the sizes needed for float fishing, my go to method.

terrance maddux

Great tube fly hook!

Saw some estaz eggs tied on this hook, looked deadly. I like to fish tube flies, and it hit me that this hook might be great for tubes, except for the "up" eye. So I straightened the eyes on a couple- very easy. Awesome! Very sharp fine wire hooks, they really penetrate and hold a hooked fish. Definitely my favorite tube fly hook.


Best hooks on the market

Best live bait and fly hooks on the market. Always super sharp. Strong, durable wire and hook design. I use these in all sizes for any application that calls for a sharp hook; Drop Shot, live bait (eggs sacs, minnows, skein, worms, crayfish, etc), and they are the best hook for to tie egg flies for salmon and steelhead.


The point is Sabretooth!!!

Drifting for trout. Strong and stickey yet flexable enough to get unstuck with out loss. P.S. The plastic shipping envelope was side split upon arriving costing me the the loss of two hooks. Not a big deal, but you might want to check your packaging integerity.


Blackbird Phantom Floats

Good product

Easy to attach and holds up better than some competitive products like Sheffield which tend to crack. when they land on rocks.


Best floats all around

Been using these floats for about 4 to 5 years. Fish them for trout, lake runs and bass. All around hard float to beat for clear or off colored water. Provide excellent float and drag free drift presentation. Make sure to carry different sizes for different water flows.


The Indicator

I use these indicators for nymph fishing for salmon and steelhead on the P.M.river in Michigan. (flyfishing) They work great!


My favorite floats for steelhead

I have used a lot of different floats for steelhead and these are by far my favorite


the best i've ever used

I use them trout fishing & salmon fishing they work the best by far. They will never be a bobber thet works so easy as these.


Blackbird Spawn Net

Fast and Easy Egg Sacs

I use this product religiously for egg sacs for rainbow, steelhead and brown trout. It holds up well and easy to use and the color selection is great.


Best Bang For Your Buck!!

Great Product!!! If you compare with the others out on the market this is definitely the most you can get for your dollar!!!




Mr. White

Great color!

Blackbird netting has some real unique colors compared to other brands. Great stuff!


Blackbird Shot Refill Bags

Good product!

Great for drifting for Steelhead and Browns. Both spinning and fly fishing applications. Round shape snags less on the bottom.


Best splitshot for steelhead.

It's dark in color and works better than the shiny lead.


Best Split Shot for Float Fishing

This stuff is my go-to split shot for float fishing for trout and salmon in the Great Lakes tributaries of Western NY. I use the BB4 and BB3 (two smallest sizes) most of the time as I rarely run anything bigger than a 2-3 gram float. I have noticed that the shot sizes have physically gotten a little larger over the years. The BB4 is not quite as small as it used to be years ago.

Iceman Phil

Great weights!

When river fishing for walleye, these do not get hung up as much when using them in comparison to other weights on the market!


Blackbird Split Shot

My favorite split shot

The container works great on the water. Its easy to get the number of shot you want out of the container without spilling any. Its refillable too. I even prefer the dark color of this shot over others.


Great round Split Shot

This shot is great for shot lines. Heavy shot on top and lighter shot working your way down the shot line. When troting your float it keeps your fly bait or jig ahead of your float. Giving it a natural drift for Steelhead. Also it does not twist line due to its roundness. GREAT PRODUCT.

Doug - Pin Drifter

Perfect split shot

This is a very easy way to add weight to your bait without spooking the fish.


Does not slide

Finally a shot that will not slide down my line, stays in place.


Blackbird Float Stops

Gets the job done just fine!!

Good lord men, You create a darn dropper loop on your main line before removing to put back onto the little holders lmao Sort of like the one you took it off from ey?? EI-take the tag end and push back through the stopper and do everything in reverse to remove lol I like better than Drennons and there a buck cheaper. They also make a size smaller that work great on 4-6# so there ya go. Cheers


Works great!

Work great! I havent found a way to put the stops back onto this device, so as a tip, just keep it on your line after youre done using a bobber so you dont end up throwing away.


Great Bobber Stops

These are great bobber stops. Unlike the string type stops I was previously using, these stay put. I used small stops for 6 lb. mono on my ice fishing jigger pole.

Dan Fisher

Blackbird Swivels

great micro swivel

another must have for your float fishing arsenal.


GREAT; tiny , strong, swivels

Great little swivels for attaching a leader to your main line. So small, and nothing shiny to spook steelhead and trout.


These are THE swivel for float fishing!

These are THE swivel for float fishing! It's unbelieveable how small and strong these swivels are!

Keen Eye Angler

micro swivel review

I use these swivels when connecting main line to my leader while I am float fishing for salmon/steelhead or whatever. Anyone who fishes steelhead in clear water knows that the stealthy you are the more fish you will catch. These swivels are the smallest I have found and have never once been the cause of a lost fish for me, and that includes some very large salmon. I will never tie a mono to mono knot again as long as these swivels are around.


Pre Cut Spawn Net

Nice stuff

smaller holes in the mesh then others and its softer mesh so nice to tie eggs with


Spider Thread

Spider Thread

The 400' roll is a must. Best product available for wrapping plugs with bait.

Steve Gacke

Best bait tying thread on the market

I recently started using spider thread for tying trout egg sacks/salmon egg sacks and my hookup ratio has doubled. I am a believer that it is pretty much invisible around your eggsacks.


Easiest to use

No knotting required just wrap a few times one way with one side and a few the other way with the other end. Saves alot of time


Truly Like Spider Thread.

tie around wrap for chicken liver. You have to get used to it but works great and you just wrap(no knot),cut it and good to go.


Spider Thread !!! A MUST HAVE

Spider Thread is simply the only way to go in the application of keeping any Bait on a Hook even when needing to use a Hard cast!!! The Bait Stays on and the Rubbery Thread is so fine it blends into any kind of bait one chooses to use... It's Tuff yet when you brake it off it doesn't cut your Bait nearly as bad as any of the others!!! Spider Thread is very easy to remove as well, and over all it's very, Very, Easy to use!!! The Hard plastic Housing or Dispenser that protects the Rubbery thin thread is Brilliant because one spool of Spider Thread Lasts a very long time and with this tuff Dispenser, one can rest assured this Precious Thread will not get waisted rolling around in your Tackle Box!!! You Better Buy All That they Have in the Store, because as soon as you show it to someone on the Water, there won't be any more left at the Store!!! I've been using it for a week now and finally landed Five Nice Steelhead, were before I was getting my bait Stripped??? You'll Thank me Later... A Must Have!!!


Phantom Fluorocarbon Leader Material

Good and tough

Great product and a great price

Darren Eddy

Redwing flourocarbon leader material

This is a great product. I use it primarily for steelhead fishing in low clear water.


Good stuff

I use the 7.6 # test all the time. It's as strong as most 8# test leaders and as thin as most 6# test leaders. It is also very affordable.


very good fluorocarbon

I use a lot on my Salmon River trip last october. I used the 8.8 lbs, very strong and almost invisible


Bait Bandit

nice,compact, easy to use, good price

Works well once mounted to something. Use either a clamp or drill holes and mount to surface or board. Easy to clean.